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The service department at Korandace will take care of your pool and spa maintenance needs. Pool and spa openings and closings are done. Installation of new equipment, repairs, and renovations are all part of the service department's specialties.


Korandace's construction department is known for it's custom shotcrete pools and spas. They are unlimited in design as one's imagination and creativity. Ponds and waterfalls can also be constructed.


1) A REPRESENTATIVE OF KORANDACE will stake out your new pool or spa and set forms.

2) EXCAVATION: Korandace will supervise the excavation of the pool design.

3) PLUMBING: Our plumbers will install the necessary perimeter pipe, fitting, and fixtures to efficiently circulate your pool / spa water.

4) REINFORCED STEEL / REBAR WORK: Steel reinforcing rods are placed inside the excavation along the sides and bottom. This adds strength and longer life to your pool.

5) SHOTCRETE POOL: Watch the unique process where a cement and sand mixture are pneumatically applied and then cut and trowled to form your custom pool.


Shotcrete is either mortar or simple concrete. In most uses today, the mixture is concrete.
The difference between shotcrete and regular concrete is that shotcrete is shot out of a
high-pressure nozzle. (shot + concrete = shotcrete)  

Read more: What Is Shotcrete? | eHow.com

6) CURING: Curing properly is important. Korandace will supply and place soaker hoses on the newly placed shotcrete. The owner or representative will then be asked to turn the water on and off for the next seven days.

7) COPING: Coping is now installed around the perimeter of your pool.

8) TILE: Tile is installed along the waterline perimeter of the interior of the pool.

9) ELECTRICAL: Your licensed Electrician will do the bonding, grounding as necessary and all other electrical work as required.

10) GAS: A gas company of your choice will connect gas lines.

11) DECKING AND FENCING Must be in place prior to Marcite.

12) MARCITE: Your pool is coated with a cement base, hand trowled interior finish. Ask your representative about the various finishes.

13) FILL and ENJOY.


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